Prayer Request Septemeber 2012

Prayer Request for Fathers: If you are a father and are divorced you will know the tragic pain that the courts and unethical lawyers can inflict upon your family. The following prayer goes out to all fathers but most especially to those with children that have been ripped from then due to our uncaring Judicial System:


“Dear Lord in heaven, you know the pain caused by isolation, derogation of a mans life, and of his values. Lord you know the evils in peoples hearts that seek to destroy our families and then pretend they have done so in your name. Lord, God in heaven I know you can feel how horrified fathers are when told they will no longer play a major role in their children’s lives. I pray you give them strength to endure such hardships, and wrongful accusations. Lord, God in Heaven I pray you give then wisdom to know what to say and for it to never be said in anger. Lord, God in heaven I ask that you bring peace to their hearts, minds, and souls so that they are no longer burdened with this miserable yoke that they have been forced to carry. Lord, please unshackle their lives and give them meaning once more.” Amen…

May the Lord Be with all fathers and be with you until your last days here on this Earth.  Amen

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