Reflections 5: The Only True Choice Given by God

As I reflect upon my life as a parent, a believer, a teacher, and husband, now ex, I have come to understand one thing which I must admit brought tears to my face when it struck me. The realization that our God is so perfect, he hears us so clearly, that he affects every single person, on every continent, of every race on this planet. Most profoundly God has given all of us one true choice. Every choice we have ever made in our entire life boils down to this one truth, to this one choice. We as one people under the sovereignty God are commanded to make this one choice, to live our lives by this one choice. Our lives here on earth are not ones which we are to be filled up with things, possessions, and carnal desires. But rather a spiritual one, based on morality, kindness, tolerance, forgiveness, and love. We are to fill our lives full of the bounty which only comes from one source, we are made to accept it from that one source, that being God.  So in the light of these truths, our one simple choice becomes completely obvious, as plain as the nose on your face.

Each one of these strong statements will either make us ask more questions, to open doors we would have left closed, or we will ignore them out of ignorance and fear. Each of these statements is hard to completely understand, the simplicity of it, his eternal wisdom so absolute, so magnificent we shutter in his presence. The simple truth of God can be found within every word ever written that he has ever uttered in our entire history. Every story ever told shouts his one truth. His everlasting love is intertwined with in it.

The first two choices we are given, which if you are to live within God’s eternal joy and happiness, and see this as the only choice then your life will be blessed, filled with understanding and wisdom that only comes from a belief in God. This choice exemplifies Jesus who said, “Even if your faith is no bigger than a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘MOVE!’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Q78, Lost Gospel, p.113) This belief comes from the knowledge and understanding that there is nothing God cannot deliver. In simple English this is called absolute faith. When you demonstrate a heart filled with the fullness and trust in God, utilizing the most powerful ability he gave to us, that being absolute faith then your anxiety disappears, your worries dissipate as God works miracles within your life. This requires the ability to hear God, to listen faithfully, to accept what he says even when it seems humanly impossible, to simply envision his words spoken to you as his will, and absolute truth and to thank him for it when the glimpse of the future he has promised is revealed.

The second choice leads to a deeper darker path, one filled with sin, and the tolerance of sin within our own lives. We begin to teach that religion is not so important and we start to argue amongst ourselves, ignoring the bigger picture, ignoring the world filled with so much need which surrounds us. In a nut shell we become greedy, selfish, self serving, manipulative, and deceitful, willful, and practice the art of lying. This exemplifies a life unfulfilled, lonely, unhappy, and in pain. We create our own hell as we sink further and further within this quagmire of a life lead without faith, without purpose. This life ignores what Jesus said, “Don’t be blinded by the pursuit of food, clothing and possessions. Stop worrying about these things. Only those who lack spirit and soul pursue them. You have a Father who knows what you need. Set your heart on God and these other things will be given to you.” (Q53, Lost Gospel, p.87) Ironically somehow that message is lost on them. It falls off them as water from a ducks feathers. They quack about things in their life which have gone terribly wrong, ignoring the tug of God, who is like a good shepherd calling their name from within the darkness of the night.  They hear him, but fail to listen faithfully to him, showing their lack of faith that God can fix their problems because they are worthy of his love. The great lie of their life is that they feel that they are not worthy, they convince themselves they are beyond his forgiveness, mercy and love.

This line between these two existences is extremely thin, so much so it is impossible to walk its entire distance. For Jesus said, “Anyone who is not with me is against me. Whoever does not help me gather scatter.”(Q38, Lost Gospel, p.72)

The test or choice is ours to make because of free will. In truth there is only one choice, one path, one God. The line in the sand is absolute, Gods will is absolute. To choose faith is akin to choosing freedom, to pick faith in yourself absent of God is akin to choosing imprisonment.

“When Jesus was alone with his disciples, he turned to them and said, ‘Fortunate are the eyes that see what you are seeing. Many prophets and kings wished to see what you now see and never saw it, longed to hear what you now hear and never heard it.” (Q33, Lost Gospel, p.67)


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Brother Brian currently serves within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic School System. He is currently in his twentieth year of teaching.

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