Reflections 6: When We Let Go

 “13 For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee Fear not; I will help thee” (Isaiah 41:13).

Have you ever become so filled with fear that you forsake everything you have worked so long and hard for, or forsake those you love, or forsake the plans you have made that would have bettered yourself and maybe your family? Have you ever accepted help from someone thinking it was a God send, then you hit turmoil which kicks up your own personal fear, then you react by letting that person slip from your life because of your own fear and confusion that the help may not have been genuine? Does the word commitment send tiny little shivers down your spin? I have written on the sin of fear, and the sin of placing fear into someone else’s hearts for their own gain. But this reflection I want to direct ones attentions to how we can lose our souls if we let go of God because of fear.

Too often the paralyzing reality of our actions and of their consequences come back to play tricks with our mind. I would like to subscribe that the very thought which brings this torrent of fear into your life is placed there not by God, but rather by Satan. If you are separated from God when this suggestion is placed you will become confused, hurt, scared, even begin to second guess what you already know to be right. Days become longer as you contemplate every signal angle, but are left empty. That emptiness eats away at you until finally, you’re feeling of being scared blooms  into full-fledged fear. Notice I place the blame on both Satan and the one who allowed themselves to be separated from God in the first place. Go back and count how many times the word you or a variation of the word is mentioned. Satan has no place in your heart if you have the door closed to him and opened to God.

“7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of sound mind” (Timothy 1:7).  

In order that this is brought into context, God is often blamed for giving fear to those who suffer from it. But in reality God does not make you fearful, rather he gives love, and love gives sound of heart and of mind. With God we begin to see reality, see the truth in a way we have never experienced it. I have personally known people who live their lives from moment to moment, seeking but never finding, because they maintain the old practice of following God ten paces from behind Him. They can barely make out the whispers of God in their ears, and suffer inwardly because of it, always wondering what life would be like if only they had a personal relationship with God. Instead of holding fast to His hand, they follow from a great distance. The word commitment is so scary that they seek to do everything on their own, which leads them to seeking things of the world, in particular money. These people say stuff like, “If I could only win the lottery!” or “I want to merry a millionaire.” They seek the easy road, because down deep in their soul they know that sacrifice will be part of their life if they hold onto and are committed to a life walking with God.

“28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul” ( Matthew 10:28).

Our priority’s get so screwed up that we let go of God, and take hold of the world. Forgetting that even though people can hurt you, blame you, persecute you, and even kill you, they do not have dominion upon your immortal spirit. But when contemplating these thoughts, who created you, who gave you life, and who is the only one who has the right to destroy that life, and the soul which it was attached the answer is always God.  It’s pretty silly that it was that same eternal, loving, nurturing God that you let go of. It is this which makes it holy to have a healthy fear of God, but also surcome to a rewarding and healthy relationship with the one most powerful, most holy, of spirits that is trying to mold you into the more perfect you.

In my personal life I have seen people who have sought to tear down all that which I have built up. I have experienced people who would read a paper, or listen to a slick talker and believe all the wicked things said against me with their ears instead of their hearts. I have had relationships with people who say they love me, but their actions are exactly the opposite of their words. Most notably I have had dealings with people who appear to be helping when in fact they are placing fear into the life of the ones I love most for their own personal gain, to satisfy their own need for power. Satan introduced fear, and people weld it like a weapon. It is no lie I have suffered panic attacks in the bulk of such treachery, and have allowed fear into my heart when I probably should have allowed Gods love to vanquish it forever. The point is that we are all human, we are all sinners, and we all make mistakes. God has no problem taking hold of your hand that from time to time has slipped from his.

“3 The Lord shall give rest from thy sorrow, and from thy fear, and from the bondage wherein thou wast made to serve” (Isaiah 14:3).

I have found no better rest at night from my worries than when I pray, and ask God to take from me my pain, my suffering, my anxiety, my hatred, my disbelief, my frustrations, my anger, my sins, and my lack of faith in my family, friends, loved ones, and in Him. That is something you will not hear many people of faith admit, let alone write it and publish it for the world to see. But our God wants us to shout out his name, preach to the world of his slender, of his love and forgiveness. That is a message that Satan wants to destroy. It is because of that very message that he places fear into our hearts, because fear gives way to doubt. God sets the example of love and forgiveness; it was the very message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

“25 And when you stand praying, forgive, if you hold anything against anyone; forgive him, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins. (Mark 11:25, NIV, Pp. 1550).

In short, fear makes us let go, makes us turn hard of heart, become unreadable, unpredictable, moody, feeling constantly guilty, clogs our minds with contemplation, sow the seed of distrust, builds walls of anger, and sending our souls into torment and despair. When we let go, we let go of more than of the thing we fear will happen, but immerse ourselves into a hell built from fear, where our worst nights will play out.

Challenge question: If God will forgive us of our sins, then what do we have to fear? Why would we ever let go of Him?


If you have been moved by this blog I humbly invite you to leave a message telling me your thoughts and how this reflection has touched you. May peace and love be with you all the days of your life.  May God keep you and bless you.

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Brother Brian

Brother Brian currently serves within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic School System. He is currently in his twentieth year of teaching.

0 thoughts on “Reflections 6: When We Let Go”

  1. i am touched and enlightened especially that i am now going through a very hard time of my life. I have been praying fervently for gods mercy to help me. there is no single word you mentioned the i disagree. you speak of truth and obviously with guidance of the holy spirit…i am looking forward for more reflections and teachings, god bless

    1. Dear Mary, I am extremely happy that this blog and especially this post has helped you. I look forward to hearing more from you as you read more. If you would like a special prayer request posted in your name you can email me directly at and describe you situation and I will post a prayer request for you. Hope everything in your life improves as God blesses you abundantly. God Bless, Brian Keith

  2. im not sure if you can still remember me. it has been several months since i posted this and read this reflections so far im now recovering and truly prayers helped me a lot on this. reading many of gods words and reflections and articles related to scriptures helped me understand more how god love mes and how his people cares for someone like me.
    how i wish i have read this at that time. i was too much in pain and lost that i did not remember checking my post if there was a reply.
    anyway i am looking forward to be hearing from you more.
    i still need prayers and counselling for my continuous healing of soul mind and heart.
    mary judeline lantoria

    1. Hi Mary,

      I wanted to respond by first saying that God loves you. It is so awesome to hear how much better you are doing. It is also awesome to hear how reading, praying, and being active in your prayer life has transformed you. It is for all these reasons I began Listening Faithfully in the first place. To help people to become closer to God. There is true healing power in prayer, in belief, and in knowing your not alone. Mary you are never alone. I look forward to hearing from you soon. God Bless

  3. I almost forgot about this blog until the other day its came to my mind to google if there will be some images of me that will come out if ever i will type my name. Had i not known that it wil be for this purpose. I hope you will still reply despite the very late reply. I am much stronger now by the mercy and great love of god. He has taken cared of me so well all these times. I do my best everyday to keep close to god and make time for him. My crosses are still hurting from time to time. But gods love and compassion for me helped me survive it each day. I
    Am also ministering mostly the youth by evagelizing sharing to them my expeiences with god and counselling them to help them get close to god too. Not an easy task i tell you. But i have to for gods sake. My son is still sick and expenses is still high but i am coping everyday. God helps me. Pls continue praying for me. I am not into social networking thing so i do not have any fb account. More power and more refrlections kindly sent it to my email that i can read it fast.

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