Special Prayer Request: Leona Liget

In life we have many things which happen that are unexplained and or are surprising.  But the joy of a person who has filled the hearts of their family… well these special people are a gift which is full of God’s love. Today I ask that we all pray for such a person who has been an inspiration to her family, a women who is very devoted and strong in her beliefs, and yes… full of God’s love.  Let us all pray for Leona Liget who is currently battling acute renal failure, or better known as Kidney Failure.  She is a women who loves to laugh, loves being around family and friends, a women who is inviting and is a natural mother.  She has dedicated her life to the ideals and principals of family, needless to say she is also one of those special people who I personally have had the pleasure to meet and spend a little time with and can testify to you all of how much joy she brought to my heart in the little time we shared not long ago.  To listen to her stories and the joy that is in her voice when she tells them is a sign of a life lived with God’s joy, happiness, and love.  It will be through her perseverance and the love of all those around her that our prayers here today will ego and heal her so she can continue enjoying life and also continue to give joy to all she meets.


Dear Lord, God in heaven, hear our prayers and lamination’s of your power and might.  Hear our plea and our songs which worship you, praise you, and that show you of our faith in you.  Lord God there is no other which is more powerful, more just, more righteous, and there is no one more able to receive our collective prayers that are being sent to you today.

(Pray using “I”)

I,  Lord God in Heaven,  humbly come before you and ask that you heal your daughter Leona Liget from her failing kidney and that you give her the strength to fight and the courage to continue in your holy name.  Lord,  I ask of you to be with her in this hour of need and to be the one who raises her up in your loving arms and give her a renewed leash on life.  I ask with all humility, realizing I am imperfect, knowing I am a sinner, knowing I have no authority to ask this of you, but yet I plea this cause on behalf of a women who has served you and who has raised the children you blessed her with, and who was a faithful wife, and is a grand mother who loves all her children as much as you love us.  Lord God in heaven it would be righteous to extend mercy unto Leona, and give her family time to hear her beautiful stories of her life, so that they may have time to rejoice with her as she recounts a life you have so graciously given, a life she has thus far so richly enjoyed.

Lord God in Heaven, I rejoice that you have heard me, that you have heard all who has prayed this prayer, and I rejoice in the time you gave unto me when first meeting Leona.  I rejoice in your holy name, and surrender unto you, acknowledging your divine right to work whatever miracle you wish, I simply and humbly ask that just one of those miracles will be for Leona.  I pray that you give her peace of mind, a fearless heart, and comfort her in all she is going through.  I also ask that you be there for her family and friends who love her with all their hearts as well.  With this prayer I do commit my love, joy, and devotion to your Holy Name.


Let Us Pray

Our Father, Who is in heaven,
Holy is Your Name;
Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our sins,
as we forgive those who sin against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.


Please contact us with your prayers for Leona Liget by click here.  Send her your support by leaving a comment on our Listening Faithfully Community Wall, look for “Prayers for Leona Liget”


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