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A brief history… 

On December 11, 2009, Listening Faithfully Blog ways officially moved from Blogspot to WordPress and the domain name was purchased. From the first to the most current posting of Listening Faithfully Blog it has been Brian’s mission to help people from all walks of life to renew or build a dynamic relationship with God through His words and promises found in the Holy Bible. To date, Listening Faithfully Blog has been read in over 151 countries and has touched millions of lives.  Today you can enjoy over 211 posts all written to further God’s message of freedom and redemption in a life lived for and with God.

The specific, educational format and reflection based style that Brian has developed comes from many hours of reading and reflecting and teaching the word of God to all who will listen. Brian is known internationally and has visited many countries within Asia, Australia, and all over the United States and Canada.  As an educator first he creates each reflection from a question-based approach, using specific teaching standards to deepen each lesson while constantly meditating on scripture. Brian strives to serve as a relevant resource that clearly and loudly pronounces the promises and teachings of God which are firmly rooted in the Christian Bible.

Listening Faithfully from its conception has always published free reflections to anyone who is able to connect to the internet. Since April 27, 2012, Special Prayer Requests were added as an additional source for spiritual help in the form of a uniquely crafted personalized prayer. Over the years Listening Faithfully has hosted prayer requests free of charge for anyone that is sick, struggling in their faith for various reasons, and for those of our brothers and sister in Christ that have gone to meet the Lord.  Serving the community in this way is also one of the hallmarks of leading a Christian life and Listening Faith is proud and honored to lead others to God in this way.

January 2018, after publishing over 200 postings and garnishing many readers around the world it was time to move Listening Faithfully to a new platform, one more robust in its look and feel and one that can offer more to those who read yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. But this overhaul was not cheaped, and so soon there will be two ways to help us grow. First, at the bottom of this page you there is a Support Form. Here you can enter any amount that will go to support the monthly cost, but know this is not a tax-deductible donation rather, “Democratizing Generosity”, supporting something you believe strongly in.   Secondly, there is an eStore that has many of the items used in the creation of this blog that now you can also purchase as we explore the Bible together and grow our faith. Finally, at the bottom of the blog, you will find a subscribe button, fill this out to stay informed and to receive notifications each time we post something new. There will be more changes coming in 2018 and I truly hope they are especially rewarding for all of you… my faithful readers and followers.

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