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26 “All day long the wicked covet, but the righteous give and do not hold back.” ~ Proverbs 21:26 (NRSVCE)

Dear Readers, Followers, and Guests,

Every time I leave home to go somewhere I am at some point during the day confronted with people who are needier than I, people who are strapped financially, sick, homeless, hungry, and or are just starting off in life and need reliable stability. To some extent, I can count my self in some of those categories but as a Christian, I am brought back to the call by God for all His children to reach out with a helping hand. To follow this mandate from God is not easy so for most of my teaching carrier I have given to students who need help in some form or other. Below you will find three such causes with equally valid cries for your help! Take action, help support those who cannot, and give today!

The Together in Mission Annual Catholic Appeal

This annual Catholic appeal was instituted to establish the stewardship of our local Catholic Church among all parishes to promote the mission of the Church.  Making it possible for the Gospel to be heard, and the sacraments be received among our communities’ poor.

As the largest Archdiocese in the United States, we have the ability to make unprecedented impacts in our local Church through the Together in Mission Appeal.  By conducting a full campaign process, each parish will assure maximum participation.  This will enable the Good News to continue to reach tens of thousands of people in subsidized parishes and schools throughout the Archdiocese.

There are many underprivileged schools that are struggling to meet the needs of their community, families, and students. The sad truth is that many of these schools would have closed their doors long ago without these funds. I have taught for the majority of my teaching career within the inner city of Los Angeles at three such schools and have seen these children, families, and communities first hand. Nothing breaks my heart more than to not be able to help them, but together we can! Please consider donating today.  CLICK HERE


Helping our youth go to college is of course always a smart thing to do. Now that my daughter, Darshini is in College learning how to mix music professionally I can see first hand the struggles other parents are going through. As I look over these pictures I can now see how fast time flys and how important it is to plan ahead for that moment in time when our children grow up and venture to college. Sadly, I personally was unable to do that for her. So like so many other college-age children Darshini is having to look for creative funding sources to now stay in college. For this reason, this plea for help is personal but also one that I can see myself through Listening Faithfully becoming an advocate for; and not just for my own daughter but for those who really need the help. Evidence of this can be seen by all the struggling parents such as I as we litter peer-to-peer self-funding websites such as GO FUND ME looking for some College Tuition Assistance from fellow Christians.  My daughter’s dream is to finish college… but my dream is so much larger as I want to help as many young people as possible, but again I can’t do that alone… together we can! Please consider donating to MY DAUGHTERS DREAM FUND… help her finish college. TAKE ACTION TODAY – Support, give, and help those who cannot help themselves!




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