Reflection 3: God's Thanksgiving…

The Many Things to be Thankful For!


2 Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms. 3 For the Lord is the great God, And the great King above all gods. ~ Psalm 95:2-3

Everything around us both in nature and in this man-made world of technology I find God within it, the true and only source, the brilliant artist which made and planned every aspect of everything we see, hear, touch, and interact with, for God is in everything.  We live such blessed lives with all our modern conveniences and toys we take for granted.  We often times look to our technology and wonder how we ever survived without it and if truth be told there will come a day when all this that we cherish shall pass away, but God will remain.  Every living person on earth today has so much to be thankful for, we have so many things which we take for granted and yet through it all God still loves us and there is still only one way to God and that is through Jesus Christ his only son.  I say these things knowing that you all know this and that you will most likely think.. ‘yeah…yeah…blah blah.’ but I hope you take time to see Thanksgiving from Gods perspective this holiday season.  See God knows the next great invention on the horizon, He is aware of our dependence upon technology and I know He smiles each time He hears a person confess how they could never live without it.  But, I also know He might just be asking all us each time we make that small confession, ‘What about me? Where do I fit in?’ I say that because it used to be a no brainier of where God fit into our lives.  It used to be an exciting experience to dress up and go to church and hear the message told in an unsuspecting heart warming way that tickled the imagination.  I remember a time when life was a lot less commercialized and the mystery of God was on the tips of everyone’s tongues as everything in nature was still an exciting mystery of awe and wonder.  Back then it was easy to relate these marvelous works to God, it was easy to bow before our creator and give him thanks, sing songs, and rejoice in his greatness as the one true God.  But I fear for our souls in this remarkable age of technology that we just might have found a way to not give glory to God, but yet start to see ourselves as the creator and begin to give homage to our things forgetting God entirely.  This I say to you because life is about so much more than things and gadgets, but rather it is and always has been about that search, that walk, that personal time spent alone with God in the silence of complete and utter communion.  So if there is anything I am grateful for it would have to be that God has never left my side, that he has always taken care of me, and He alone is still that mystery of wonder and awe.  That my friends is the true secret of life lived within the realm of God’s love.  I am so grateful that God has given to me the things that He has and that He alone has made everything in my life possible, from my family and friends who have enrich my life in the precise way they have and I can only hope I have done the same for them.   I am so grateful that God gave me life, that he gave to me the ability to write and express what is in my heart so completely.  He has taken care of ever need and taken away all my fear and hurt in the bad things which I face filling my heart with love, forgiveness, and understanding.  It is with these confessions I hold up to God, give him thanks this Thanksgiving because I know it was a want on His behalf to do these things.  I know that God was not obligated, nor had to do anything for me but He instead chose to do so.  His love is so replete with grace that His will is to spread love throughout the entire world, and if there is any singular thing we all have to be thankful for it is that pure agape love of God! So, I humble myself and acknowledge that the technology which allows me to communicate with all of you was made possible by God.  I know this because he has given to me the time to write, made available to me the many different computers I have used in all the various locations in the world I have written from, and most importantly the audience which reads and grows and shares each post.  He has given all these things to me, to share with you, for God alone made the technology possible.  In a real tangible way God gave to me, sharing His message through me much like I use the computer as a tool.  Therefore, we are all tools of the one true living God, and that is the highest honor anyone could ever have, and yes it is a reason to be thankful for, it is the main reason we all should give glory to God.

What I Own… Belongs to God!


11″ While you are enriched in everything for all liberality, which causes thanksgiving through us to God. 12 For the administration of this service not only supplies the needs of the saints, but also is abounding through many thanksgivings to God,” ~ 2 Corinthians 9:11-12

Call me lazy… but I own nothing in this world, for I rent everything!  I can say that I own my car but God gave me the ability to keep it for a specific period of time and one day he will take it from me.  But in this God always gives to me something better in return.  So from this perspective none of us own anything.  To say that you own the things in your life would mean that there is nothing which could take it away from you and my friends that is simply not the truth… that is not reality.  It is only proper to say that God owns everything and allows us to hold his possessions for a period of time… in effect we all rent from God! Thus, when God gives you a tool that helps tell a story of moral significance, or a mode of transportation that will deliver you to His people, or the words to use when your mind is blank is in affect God using you as His divine tool for His divine purpose.  In every instance you have been made whole and in that service not only has your needs been meet but so has the needs of the many, all of which causes great thanksgiving to God!  For to simply to say yes is in a real way glorifying God and thus bringing you closer to your true purpose in this life. Be not dis-hardened for God also is thankful to you for your service and in this he gives to you His abundant love.  To be in the service of God is the only true service we where made for, to love God and to be loved by God.  In conclusion we don’t own anything, but yet everything belongs to God first! We are thankful to Him for His generosity, kindness, mercy, grace, and love in allowing us to be enriched by all the experiences of His stuff… i.e. technology, cars, brick houses instead of caves, and the dinner we eat, tot he family we eat that dinner with.  It all belonged to God first and He loves us so much that He has made us part of His experience.

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may your Holiday Season be filled with Gods Love.

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