In Gods Name We Pray

Dear Listening Faithfully Family,

In God’s Holy name I ask we all pray for our brother Joseph.  He lives in San Diego and his ex-wife seven weeks ago stole his daughter and fled the country.  He asks a simple question: “What would you do if your one and only child was taken from you, without prior notice, and whisked away to a foreign country?” I would like for you to hold him in your prayers and pray mightily for both Joseph and his daughter Dani.  I also ask that you visiting his website and give whatever you can afford.  Let’s bring his daughter Dani back home!

Click Here to help our brother Joseph!

In God’s Name Do We Pray;

Lord God, our Father in Heaven hear my prayers and give comfort to Joseph.  Please bring peace to his heart and bestow upon him your grace and your divine strength in these troubling days.  Lord, my God, I ask you to show Joseph kindness and resolve in the days to come, hold his hand and sooth his broken heart and assure him that all is not lost.  Lord protect his daughter who he loves so very much and I beg you – Oh Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Creator of the Universe, to give Joseph his daughter back safe and sound.  Please do not test him any further in this manner Lord, but rather relieve him and his soul in these trials which have been set before him.

In your name do we pray.


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  1. Amen I will definitely pray for Joseph. Any one who harms another human being in this manner has no soul.and they need Jesus the most. We need to pray that she receives the light of God to show her how to make things right with Joseph, her child and with God. We all need to pray for all the people who have fallen into this harmful behavior. We all need to pray for the children who are victims and who are unable to do anything about it.

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