Reflections 1: What is the Truth?

In a world that is filled with such deceit and lies it is hard to understand why we would every believe in God and the Bible in the first place.  From the first man who ever walked on planet earth to the millions who live today, Satan has been about proving God a liar,  a false God,  someone we should never trust.  Satan has unleashed such hatred in the world that which has kept mankind at war for thousands of years separating us from God without peace, all based upon faith, veiled by the term “Holy”.  Truth has become so maligned that we can not see the most basic things, such as:  “How can the killing and the shedding of blood be Holy?” or even:  “How is using the very words of God justified in the persecution of others, when his message is of peace, love, and forgiveness?”  But then again what is truth?

The word “truth” in the free online dictionary, ( means the following; 1. Conformity to fact or actuality.2. A statement proven to be or accepted as true.3. Sincerity; integrity.4. Fidelity to an original or standard.

a. Reality; actuality.

b. often Truth That which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence.

In all these definitions truth is defined as our own perception.  What we see, feel, think, as a group as being excepted as real, is thus the truth.  It is our own reality of existences which defines truth.  So anyone then can make the argument if you believe it to be so, others believe it to be so, then it is within your perception of being the truth, whether or not it is, does not matter because it is an excepted reality by more than one individual.  With that logic we have based our laws, our judges have sent innocent people to death, and parents have lost their child only to have them become the ward of the state.  If a lawyer can argue his case the best, use the most trickery and slightest of tongue then he or she wins, be it right wrong or indifferent. This system does not care about what is the truth, but rather what fits with a logic which is based upon cold and Grey peaces’ of information which may or may not be based in truth.  This very thing is what makes any human system unjust.  The very fact we do not know truth, is the very thing which makes all of us susceptible to sin, and to Satan’s lies.  In fact Satan’s argument is so convincing he fooled one-third of all the angels to follow him, that would be equivalent to looking up into the night sky and then suddenly watching one-third of all the stars disappear.  Satan’s argument is so convincing that how do we really know that he, himself, is telling the truth.  If God is not telling the truth, and Satan is not telling the truth then how can we trust Jesus is telling the truth, or any of the prophets, and saints are telling use the truth?  By calling God  a liar, then we are bringing into question everything which is, which we think, feel, and believe to be true, is suddenly false, and we are doomed to fail without hope,  absent from God.  Under this logic anything a person does, says, or believes can be called into question, anyone can turn anyone else in be them family or neighbor, friend or foe.  Under this logic our faith is eroded and we become visual beings, believing only what is in front of us, and blind faith in God disappears as akin to a distant memory, or like the stars in heaven or the fallen angels turned into Satan’s demands.  But more than all of this is simply the quest for the truth strikes at our very core, our values, and our entire way of life, it is preprogrammed into every living being to recognize the truth when we see it.  Thus it is free will which allows us to ignore it or to accept it, in this we are driven to ask, “What is the Truth?”

The Bible defines truth as:  God our creator, his very word is the definition of truth.  God’s truth is shown in many ways but none so perfect as;

“Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth” (John 17:17, p. 1664, NIV).

These words spoken by Jesus in the sanctification of his disciples, describes the very nature of God, and of himself. It closes the question forever to who is, and what is truth as being one in the same.  There is no greater testimony than that which is spoken by the mouth of God.  There is no truth more pure, and holy than the words uttered by the dieing Jesus on the cross. Truth therefore is God, and God is truth.

So based upon this logic, we can then begin to see the error in our human logic, our sin is revealed, and we become ashamed of our denial of the truth.  In the eyes of God we also are clearly guilty, and thus God had no other recourse than to sacrifice his only son in the forgiveness of man sins. In this act we see God’s truth, his wisdom, and his undying love.

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt out of the land of slavery. You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:2-3, p. 116, NIV).

God spoke his name to Moses from the burning bush when Moses asked him who shall he say sent him to free the slaves in Egypt, and God Answered,

“I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM’ has sent me to you” (Exodus 3:14, p.92, NIV).

With this declaration God has drawn the line upon the idea of truth, and defined it as being himself.  There is no other truth than that of God himself.


If you have been moved by this blog, I humbly invite you to leave a comment, and may all your days be filled with peace, love, and God’s eternal joy.

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Brother Brian currently serves within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic School System. He is currently in his twentieth year of teaching.

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