Special Posting:True Happiness In the World

In our society today there is many things to which we see and want that we feel will make us happy. However upon attaining them they do not, we are left with an unhappiness inside, unsatisfied with what we have, the grass always looks  greener on the other side of the fence. However I have found a place, where people are pour, they have absolutely nothing, and are extremely content with their existence. They have come to understand that life in found within the Earth, the shared union between that of nature and man. Money is not the motivator, imagine that? Family is everything, love, honor, and the joy which is found in each child’s giggle, and in ever wonderious smile, this is what truly matters. I have had the honor to live amongst these people, and have been brought closer to my faith. The open acceptance of a stranger into their home is what Jesus preached about. I just wanted to remind the western world, faith is more than believing, it is experiences, it is doing. It is openly accepting others as they are, being  non judgmental. For a short time I walked with God through nature, through each foreign word I heard but did not understand, I found it in the harmonious understanding each person had with their neighbour, relative, friend, and yes stranger.  True happiness is in the world.

Now the challenge is to maintain that happiness I found, that oneness which I experienced first hand in my western life. The challenge is to remember their joy, do them honor by doing to others as I have had the privileged of being treated by these people which shall remain nameless.  I do so because faith is personal, and is found everywhere in everything on Earth, it is the sound of life, each breath, and each person finds it in their own place. Faith is knowing without seeing, this then brings forth true happiness. The challenge is to do this daily, even in the hardest of times yet to come.

May God be with all of you, and may he keep you and bless you with his internal love forever.

God Bless

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Brother Brian

Brother Brian currently serves within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic School System. He is currently in his twentieth year of teaching.

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