Reflection 1: Deception

45 “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” ~ Luke 6:45

There is a sin greater than all the others which is not talked about and it is directly related to pride. It is the Sin of Giving False Hope. This sin is rooted in lies and malicious misrepresentations of promises unfulfilled. It is a direct assault on hope as it makes the target think something they want is going to happen when there is no real intention for it to ever happen, no serious attempt at making it a reality. Misleading through destructive lies and distortion of what is real. This weapon of Satan crumples the heart, restricts proper thought patterns, and destroys faith in everything including God. It is a vicious sin, one administered through a prideful heart. The giving of false hope is disingenuous, and places unrealistic insurmountable obstacles in the way of the target in order to wear them down and make them tired so they will give up. Here is what Jesus said about this chief among sins,

“Obstacles to faith are sure to arise, but beware to the one who creates them. It would be better for that person to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around the neck than for that person to mislead one of my followers.” ~ Lost Gospel Q, Q76

It has been my experience that when you lie or practice deception you deny a fundamental right to all those who are affected by it. This fundamental right was preprogrammed into our genome from the very beginning and has given rise to how we perceive the truth and why we hold the values and morals we do as a society and as individual people. This right I speak of, that which God freely gave to us, and which we destroy with each lie and deception is the right to justice. Every society in the world that has ever been no matter how great or trivial they where in history  all had a system of dealing with justice. For it was justice the people wanted when they revolted against Rome, it was justice the people of Rome wanted in over throwing the tyrant called Caesar Nero on June 9, 68 AD. It was justice the people of Britannia wanted through self government which sparked the construction of Hadrian’s Wall by the Romans in 122 AD to deny freedom. The building of obstacles to destroy hope for justice has been an old and relentless practice for a very long time. In fact the idea of justice is what made the Jewish leaders known as the Sanhedrin seek out and create a case to execute Jesus Christ. In our modern world we dispense justice through a court who is headed by a judge who declares after hearing both sides  his opinion and makes orders accordingly. But what if the judge gets it wrong? What if the judge was manipulated and deceived by a very skillful lawyer? Deception in all forms is a lie, and God does not tolerate liars. 

16 “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” ~ Exodus 20:16

The Lord our God is truth, every word he utters is pure. It is in his heart and upon his words. Truth and justice is the very essence of God, and yet our justice system that once was founded upon the principals of the commandments of God has now turned their face from God in a prideful tirade as like a small child who thinks themselves more powerful, smarter, and better than their own parents. It is the word justice we have defiled in our own repression and destruction of the American family through mounting a brilliant defense and creating obstacles to block one parent from another and this contest does nothing more than mask the truth and deceives and defrauds our ability to raise our own children in the ammunition of the Lord. Our courts like all other courts in history hold a subset of specific belief patterns that can be discovered by careful examination of each ruling and through this research has the truth about deception been discovered. The truth begins with the idea that all courts claim jurisdiction over the land of which they rule. The rules they create are in fact obstacles to your freedoms, and thus when you go to court you are giving your freedoms away, you are submitting to a justice system which must find guilt and which will find guilt whether or not you are guilty and this is done through deception as the lawyers argue their case they present and shade the truth. Though honor bound to tell the truth, none do. In this practice the ninth commandment is constantly destroyed in our justice system. This in turn causes mental and sometimes physical harm to the one being prosecuted, just like a warrior who has come home form battle.

15 “You shall not steal.” ~ Exodus 20:15

Through the destruction of the ninth commandment the eight commandment is also destroyed, because justice is stolen through deception. It was through this deception Christ was sacrificed, it was through this deception every martyr has meet their end, and it has been through this kind of deception parents are denied their rights given to them by God to parent their own children. In all of these examples there is the greatest of sins which springs from a prideful heart, and that sin is the sin of giving false hope. King David pin pointed from where this sin is rooted when he wrote, 

3 “With words of hatred they surround me; they attack me without cause.” ~ Psalm 109:3

It is through a prideful heart filled with hatred which makes deception possible. Because of this hatred the heart spews violence against others, the words spoken into the reality of the moment is what the heart most desires. Ironically the idea of justice was supposed to protect us from these kinds of deceptions, but as Satan is all to aware that when we fill our hearts with hate we stop caring about justice, we stop caring and right and wrong, we stop caring about the affect our actions have on others, we forget about love and thus we ignore and turn from God in rebellion and we cut corners and act in a selfish manner to get what we want. Under this we defraud our entire system of justice, we destroy our entire moral code, we over write the very fabric which God himself wrote into our genome.

12 “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” ~ Exodus 20:12

The word, “honor” was written into stone by the very hand of God. It was a word which upholds justice and defeats deception. It holds to a very powerful set of rules which can not be discarded or ignored by anyone or things and if you are bound under a system of honor and believe in the code then justice will prevail. Again God knew this when he wrote it into the rock before Moses. God knew that if we honor our father and mother we will honor ourselves and in turn will honor others. The drive to deceive will be held in check as the consequences would be swift and final making the risks to great to practice deception. This truth is the original plan, the one Satan thwarted with the introduction to sin. His prideful heart grew cold as hatred seeped in and deceived him into thinking he could be greater than God. Satan dishonored our father through greedy blind ambition, and it is this which our children are taught to testify in court against one of their parents. They are taught it is ok to spread false testimony about one of their parents. This practice is one that is allowed and ignores the fundamental fact that children are easily manipulated and are easily deceived into believing what is happening is the truth when in fact it is a deception of the highest order. It is this which Satan places the obstacle and which we fall to deception, and which we turn our back on justice. It is through this avenue courts have defiled our God given rights and will not turn back to God, for as far as our society has fallen only the truth can allow honor back in and restore justice, for as stated above:

  45 ” :an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” ~ Luke 6:45

Guiding Post to the Truth

Question: How can you tell the difference between a lie and the truth?

Answer: Because when people lie what they say makes no since, it defies logic. Their lie is weaved with hints of the truth only twisted in order to give it plausibility. It always leaves lingering questions. A lie can never be told the same way twice as the facts it sites are rooted in swampy mud and is alway shifting and changing. In contrast the truth is straightforward needing no support, it is impossible to trip up because the facts are rooted in the hardest rock and is unmovable. It is not afraid to stand in the mist of many liars and thieves and shine the light of its truth for it is blessed by God. The truth is consistent in every aspect, it builds upon only the truth and cannot be suppressed. The truth transforms a person from inside out and lights a furnace within the heart so hot water evaporates before it can ever hits the flames. The truth consumes lies with a righteous vengeance as it is molded from time it’s self and will be the same today as it will be tomorrow and every day after till the end of time.

“There is nothing covered up now that will not be exposed. Nothing is secret that will not be revealed. Every secret you’ve kept will become known. What you have whispered in hidden places will be shouted from the housetops.” ~ Lost Gospel Q, Q 45


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Special Post: This is For You!

“Treat people as you would like them to treat you.” ~ Lost Gospel Q, Q16

I have for 45 years of my life been in many places and have had the pleasure to meet so many wonderful people from around the world. I have friends who I know this very minute who live on almost every content on this earth. I profess this to you because none of these people I know would have continued to know me if we did not treat each other with kindness, love, respect, humility, and even in some instances like brothers and sisters. Some of them I have never meet in person, and still others I have shaken their hand, looked into their eyes, watched their smile grow from our encounters. When they have asked I have been there for them, some I have helped to build a brick house where there was nothing but a pile of sticks, others I have listened to their cries as they had fallen into dark times on a personal note, I have watched one of my sisters get married, and another have her first child, all of these people are from other countries from around the world. I have been there for all of them in any manner I could, but mostly what has linked us together is this blog, Listening Faithfully. For four years I have been writing steadily building a following of awesome readers, many of you have made the most astounding comments, some  have brought tears to my eyes. I read as many comments and emails as I possibly can but I am only one person, with one set of eyes and limited time which I give willingly to all of you. With all this said I truly believe that you are all here because of this one simple connection as stated by our Lord,  Jesus Christ, it is in how we treat each other, and that is what everyone here has proven true to me.

“If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do the same. If you do good only to those who do good to you, what merit is there in that? Even sinners do that. And if you lend to those from whom you hope to receive  what reward is there in that? Even sinners lend to sinners.” ~ Lost Gospel Q, continued: Q16

There have been times when people here in Los Angeles, mostly homeless who will stand outside in the rain, cold, and heat in the fast food line at versus restaurants and will ask me for money. To them I am rich, but yet I am poor, but I always give to them what is in my pockets, mostly change and a few bills. I give because there is a true need, a true calling which God has placed in my heart. I identify with them as our economy has sank and money is almost worthless. I know how hard it is to make ends meet, and I know personally how destructive it is when others impose their will and steal money from you that was not owed to them. I know the feelings of those parents who are legally being kept from their children because our courts are ignorant and make foolish orders that just exacerbates the situation further rather than to give meaningful rulings. I hear the cries of our children who want to have a two parent home but are forced to live in a world dominated by singular thinking and endure the abuse of not being part of both their parents lives and families, (I know my daughter wants to know me because we had an awesome relationship before all the pain of all the court cases of 2009 was brought against me). It is the robbery of time I especially am so frustrated with, for it takes a special kind of person to take something from someone else that which they could never give back no matter how much they may have wanted too, thus is the theft of time. In short order I have laid out for you my personal plight and I ask for your support. “Please Help Brian” is a campaign to help me to afford the fight for my daughter who is being alienated from me. I debated with myself on whether or not to come forward and to admit that I am victim of Parental Alimentation, because I did not want you all to think of me as a person who is just posting for monetary rewards, because that is not it. I think the last four years is evident of this as I have keep every posting free of charge to you. I want to empress upon you that my need here is real, and I invite you all to check it out on a special website I have put together. On it you will see a timeline of events leading up to my request. I also invite everyone to learn more about Parental Alienation by clicking here. You can find this time line by clicking the “Please Help Brian Link”.

“Instead, love your enemies and do good, expecting nothing in return. You will have a great reward, and you will be children of your Father in heaven. He makes the sun rise on the bad and the good. He sends rain to fall on both the just and the unjust.” ~ Lost Gospel Q, continued Q16.

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“So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, 7 rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.” ~ Colossians 2:6-7

I also want to celebrate my friends here in the United States who when I needed help they have come through, when I needed food they feed me, when I needed love and understanding they too where there, and when I needed the small things like a car battery they bought it for me. In this they have been true miracles of God and have exercised their love in the spirit of Jesus Christ. But unfortunately within the sad situations of our Family Courts and the greed infested legal and mental health system here in Los Angeles, and I have been told by thousands of others which their courts too are just as corrupt I am one step away from being homeless, from being without the standard of living and justice I fought for while in the United States Navy, and for all people around the world. So I ask you all to reach out and stop this from happening and show the real power of God by Helping Brian Campaign defeat Parental Alienation.

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