Prayer Request April 2012

The Prayer for Parents: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he old, he will not depart from it.”~Proverbs 22:6

Lord you give little miracles which impact us daily, that bring us unimaginable happiness, and you create miracles which give life in such unpresidented ways. You bring the most beautiful gifts to life and then grant your children the right to share in that joy of seeing things from your perspective by allowing us to have children also. Lord thy God, your heart beats within us, your love shines down upon us, your mercy builds us up, and your might preserves us through our children, as an extension of you, oh’ Lord. As a parent through you my God you have sought to mold me into a much better person than what I started out as, and it is this process which you have promised all my children, and their children also, for they are your children first. Lord my God there are moments when I feel I have lost this gift which you have so freely given, the happiness that was once there is no longer, the light I can not see, but I know my child is not lost in you nor shall they fall to the retched manipulations of this world. Lord my God there are moments when I feel my child has gone onto a separate path which is so frightening to me, for my heart barely beats in my chest, the air escapes my lungs, though I know you are there and see my fear. Oh’ my God, there are times as a parent when I feel inadequate, unprepared, and ineffective, for I fear I have not done in accordance to your great merciful ways oh’ Lord. I fear I have become mute as a parent, unappreciated, unadorned, lost, and forgotten. Though I know you are with me always, encouraging me always, loving me always, giving me strength always, for I admit unto you Oh’ Lord there are moments of silence, moments of terror in that I have not lived up to your standard, that I have not had enough time to raise up my child so as when I am old they shall not depart from which I have taught, that which you have departed in me. My God, My God, I know these feelings are not from you, they have no place in you, and these fears will become mute in you. I know my child is not lost, for my faith in you is stronger with each test I face. I have confidence in your ability Oh’ Lord to have seen all that I have done, which I have provided, and that my love is as pure as you have shown me that it needs to be. Oh’ My God, My God, I take refuge in you as I have taught my child to do the same. For I know you can see their choices, and will instruct them as you have me. Lord I pray this prayer as not for my own sake, but for the sake of all those you have made into parents as yourself, who you are currently molding as you have me, and for whom you love as much as you do me and all my offspring. Lord My God, I ask for your gentle mercy, your wisdom in hard times, your confidence to build me up, and the words to use when the time comes in all situations which I will face through your everlasting eternal grace.


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Brother Brian

Brother Brian currently serves within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic School System. He is currently in his twentieth year of teaching.

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  1. Brian, what a precious prayer of need from and love for our God who is enough. My mother’s heart read and prayed your message as my child appeared to be lost for a while. God gave me the opportunity to trust in Him alone during that time. My daughter is now 31 years old and knows without a doubt that she is His. The celebration is so sweet when you see your children clinging to Him on their own and not because we have done anything other than love them unconditionally, train them up in His ways, and allow Him to do the rest.

    I believe parenting is the hardest role we have here on earth and only because we love them so much that we make it hard for ourselves by thinking we can do more, should have done more, should have done better. God is enough for us and for our children. Your words show the love you have for our Lord and for your own child.

    I’m praying,

    1. Dear Lisa,
      Thank you very much for your wonderful comments. I believe that you have an awesome take on how we are given such a huge responsibility as being a parent. I am so glade to hear from you and I will be sending you an email very soon. Thank you for praying, keeping the faith.
      God Bless,

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