Special Prayer For a Special Family

The word “Family” was created from a need to describe a special grouping of people that love and care for one-anther.  Thus, it is no wonder then that Jesus used the word to describe how he feels about all of us, and was the driving force behind his glorious sacrifice at Calgary.  In many ways we are all connected, we are one despite from where we come. So with this in mind I want to offer to this world community:  “Family”,  I have created here with Listening Faithfully an opportunity to come together and send a special prayer for two of my sisters whom I hold very dear to my heart, friends whom I have both taught with at school, have seen them both grow in the field of teaching, and sadly today have a special need in their life. I ask that you pray for their father whom tomorrow will undergo surgery. I have been asked to not reveal their last name, nor the nature of the surgery, but I am going to say that it does indeed require many prayers from all of us here at Listening Faithfully.  So I ask everyone to prayer twice tonight, and twice tomorrow, October 4, 2012 this special prayer;

Lord God in heaven, we pray to you through your son Jesus Christ, we ask that you hear our cry’s and our words of concern for a man who has been a loving, devoted father, husband, and mentor to all who have known him. We ask that your loving hand is upon him tomorrow during his surgery and that you bless his family with love, grace, and acceptance for what may transpire, always knowing that they are stronger in your abiding love.  Lord let them be calmed by these words long ago whispered by your servant David, The LORD sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.’ ~ Psalm 41:3  Lord we ask for your healing hand to be extended upon my two sisters father Clemente and that you are there with him holding his hand reassuring him, building him up, and taking away all fear and doubt, and that his recovery is complete in your most powerful ways. It is to you Oh Lord, God in Heaven, Father Almighty that we turn, that we pray this prayer of healing and of courage. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

While praying this prayer feel free to say “I” in place of “we” and “my” in the place of “our” where appropriate, but please do pray.

As always if you have been moved by this prayer, I invite you to leave a comment to show your support to my two sisters and their family.


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Brother Brian

Brother Brian currently serves within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic School System. He is currently in his twentieth year of teaching.

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  1. Brian, thank you dearly for your prayer. It warms my heart. G
    od’s followers are so strong and loving. The words in the prayer have touched. I know our Lord will make my father strong and protect him in what may come. Thank you all the love in your prayers. They are deeply appreciated.

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