Taking the Rose Colored Glasses Off

18  “The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’  19 Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground all the wild animals and all the birds in the sky. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. 20 So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals. But for Adam no suitable helper was found. 21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.” ~ Genesis 2:18-22


I love falling in love. I love how it makes me feel and the rush that it gives me. I love the intensity of love and the way it alters my perception on everything I am facing in life. I love the way love opens us up and allows us to see life from many different angles all at once. I love how this emotion takes us over making us consider accepting things we otherwise would not accept. I call this stage, “Wearing the Rose Covered Glasses”.  Many times because we become so tuned into and taken over by this unrealistic love we refuse to take those rose colored glasses off and thus we stumble around in love and blind to the realities and to the dangers that are in front of us. We fail to recognize a rose from the snake which is wrapped around and covering the thrones on its stem. We ignore the fact that love and the act of falling in love is biblical! Therefore, I say to you before falling in love with another person go back and read the bible from Genesis because love as awesome an emotion it is again originates from God because He is love! We need to act responicable in our love with both God and the other person we have fallen for. Thus, I warn you all now that rushing in to grab the fruits of such a personal relationship that love can establish can quickly be turned into a sin! I write this mainly for the young who are exploring love for the first time, for those who have never acted upon their impulses, who are still pure in the body and flesh for to you the goal is clear. Your goal is to fall in love once so that you never have to repeat the process of dating, marriage, and having children, so that you never face divorce or rejection in your relationship and so that you never lose that Godly love you were blessed with in the first place. Many young people have unrealistic expectations when they fall in love or become infatuated with another human being. Many young people cannot discern real love from infatuation because they ignored the first step in establish a lifelong love relationship with their potential partner. Young people often rush in for the main prize that God reserved solely for those who have dedicated their lives to each other in holy matrimony. Only to then be disappointed when their relationship falls apart.

God’s First Gift Within Your Love Relationship


As Genesis indicates God made a partner for you; equal and ready to help you face life and all of its challenges.  God created Eve from Adam not so that Adam could dominate her, subdue her, and imprison her, but rather so they could live within that perfect union called marriage as a team for, “There is no ‘I’ in Team!”~ Author unknown.  Thus, if you first understand this simple concept then you can face life as a whole person, as a productive member of your society, loving member of your family, and a leader, teacher, and mentor to your children and all who you meet. God created mankind in His image and thus the image of God is love. We only have to take off the rose covered glasses to see ourselves in the light of God; in the light of purification and joy. Thus, marriage is sacred, it was created by God and anything outside of His will for our happiness and personal relationships is a sin.

What Is Acceptable


The fine line between the loving relationship God accepts and the one he does not is the absolute starting place. I say to you all now that everything in your life must be God centered. There will be some people who take this with a grain of salt and ignore this teaching and just run with their emotions. “But what do you have in that?” Nothing! Absolutely nothing! You cannot save yourself without God in your life, for He alone made you! God alone granted you the privilege of life! He alone granted you this time on this Earth to be happy and without Him you have nothing! Yes, you could become the wealthiest person on Earth, have the most handsome or beautiful spouse, the best kids, the best possible life and not believe in God, but what do you have after this life? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! For everything in this world is temporary and will not last, but your eternal soul will carry on, thus the love and respect, courage and faith, even the time you give to God is in full measure what you will receive when you are judged by Him. It is a stupid notion to think you can escape God and His prefect judgment. To love God is to not just be happy now but to also be happy later, to choose to be with God now is in reality choosing to be with Him later. To rejoice in God is not just to be fruitful now but to be fruitful forever and ever. The loving relationship you have now with God will spill over into your loving relationship you will share with your spouse, with your family, and with all whom you meet. Thus, with God your life is truly blessed and without Him in your life you will be eternally lost. As I see it and hope that you all see it too is that in reality there is no real choice between them. I choose to live with God, to be blessed all the days of my life, to live with Him now and forever so that all my relationships are also blessed by God forever. I say this to you because my friends I would hope that all of you would choose the same in and for your life.

The Blessing in Taking Your Time


I truly believe that taking your time – thus spending time – to understand, to learn, and grow in a friendship first relationship is the best avenue to building that skyscraper relationship that provides the loving, caring, and personal lifelong marriage relationship that we all crave. I say this because if you are not in a rush then you can learn to communicate, become comfortable within that communication and thus give the foundations the core attribute that is needed; or better known as “trust”. It is no secret I prize trust over everything else in my life after God. I would end any relationship if I feel I could not trust the other person. I would rather walk away than to live with a person whom I questioned at every turn. Trust is the core of all your relationships at every level of life, for it was intended by God that Adam and Eve implicitly trust one another to survive. What do you really have without trust? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! I have seen many people breakup because their trust was broken, marriages fall apart after decades because the trust was destroyed. I look at this word “trust” as like the “trusses” built into every building or bridge, you break them they fall and collapse in upon itself! Therefore, it takes time to build anything and this includes marriage relationships! I teach all my kids at school to be weary of, “so called friends” on the internet; people whom they have never met in person because this activity can lead to a very dangerous place. The question I pose to them is, “How can you really trust someone you don’t really know?” In this “How can you trust someone you have never met?” This extends into their life the older they get as they begin to examine and question all their relationships through a moral campus. It takes face to face connections, real life experiences where both parties see, hear, and understand each other in a real way. This teaching in some regard is contradictory to my own actions in my personal life where I have met people on the internet, became friends in the real sense of the word, and I have flown to various countries trusting the other person would be there when I landed and would fulfill their promise of taking care of me while I visited. I have created good relationships from this activity, but I have the experience of being in the Navy, traveling the world, understanding different cultures, and I can discern friend from foe. I present this without wearing the rose covered glasses, without expectations, without the fantasy younger people inter into their relationship with while trusting in a person they don’t real know nor trust. In the other sense of the word “trust” I have also befriended people who I seen, meet in person, and have been duped by them. Thus, “trust” should be something that takes time to build, takes time to affirm, and takes time to explore; in that time to earn.

 The Promise of a Healthy Sexual Life

creation of Eve

God made Adam, then he made Eve. This is a simple enough concept as it is implied that God made Eve to help Adam, to be with Adam, to love Adam. But this love Eve was given for Adam was also given to Adam when Eve was presented to him, flesh of his flesh bone of his bone, for they were one and the same within their love they held for each other. To have sex with your mate is to become one and to share in an action of passion that is either blessed by God or not blessed by God. Again I ask, “What do you really have apart from God?” Nothing! Absolutely nothing! This includes having sex with your partner, because if you engage in this activity outside of God’s blessing then it is not blessed. Sex for sex sack is not of God, for the promise of the fruits of marriage would thus be taken and spoiled. Too many people indulge their carnal cravings and live a never ending emotional rollercoaster that ends at the station forcing the rider to again wait in line to get back on the ride. “What do they have in their addiction to the highs and lows of the ride itself?” Momentary pleasure perhaps? “But what is that in contrast to a lifelong loving relationship with your equal?” Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Because God is eternal and we are made in his image we are also filled with a spirit that is also eternal, and thus to be with God is to follow God’s instruction for a pure heart, mind, and soul. To wait, to seek, to find, and to grow into a lifelong committed relationship is the only way to be filled with God’s love, and again this spills over to your spouse. “What then do you have if you are loved by another person with the same intensity as that of Eve’s love for Adam?” You will gain the very promise of God and will become filled with a burning love that no man could ever put asunder! For there is no rose covered glasses need within this relationship because it is real!


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