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Many times I receive a request for those who are ill and not expected to live past a given date. When this date is given loved ones begin to morn even though the family member has not yet given up on life. Then sometimes the person lives past that date by a few hours, days, or weeks. I truly believe death can be stayed for some if prayers are sent out in ernest and in a great enough number. So today I ask all of you to keep a good friend – well within her 90’s – who has been ill and not expected to live past this Thanksgiving in your prayers. Her name is Theresa, of which her family request all other information to be kept private. So in Gods name we pray this prayer together as one world community:


Prayer for a Small Miracle

Dear Lord, God in Heaven, hear my prayers and the prayers of your faithful who pray in Theresa’s name today, tomorrow, and for all time for a small miracle.

Hear my heart Lord, for it was you who gave Theresa life, allowed her to live within your heart; doing your will here on Earth, for this reason I ask of you a small miracle.

Hear my thoughts of grief Lord, for the life lived and richly rewarded by your humble hands, for this reason I ask of you a small miracle..

Hear my soul Lord, as I raise my eyes to you, pleading to breathe more life into Theresa so that she may be alert, happy, and be able to spend one last meaningful Thanksgiving with friends and family, for this reason I ask of you a small miracle..

Hear my words O’Lord, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Almighty One Everlasting God of my heart, I beg of you to grant Theresa one last stay Lord, not for our selfish desires; rather so to allow Theresa to smile and pray with us one last time, for this reason I ask of you a small miracle…

Hear my words O’Lord of Lords – Master of all the Universe if  it pleases you within your divine will; within your all knowing heart of hearts, I ask this small miracle on behalf of Theresa and all who love her dearly.

My God – My Prince of Life and of Death, I fear your wrath and am soothed by your all consuming love, I am humbled in your presences, and if you chose to bring Theresa home then Lord I pray it be quick and within your divine protection; for these reasons I ask of you this small miracle of life and of time for her to live among us for just a short while longer…

The Hands of Jesus

Lord I ask you to protect Theresa and keep evil from her door, keep sadness from her heart, and fill her with the holy spirit of your conviction and love.


It is within God’s hands do we commit this prayer, and in His divine will to grant as we all pray daily.

May love and peace be with you all for all the days of your life.


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Brother Brian

Brother Brian currently serves within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Catholic School System. He is currently in his twentieth year of teaching.

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