God Bless America?

9 “But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless.” ~ Titus 3:9

Political Candidates in America today love to say when it benefits them the most these three words, “GOD BLESS AMERICA!” Most of them do not attend church regularly on Sundays, and most of them supported voting out the Ten Commandments from public government buildings. But where they shot themselves in the foot is taking religion out of the public school system and stopping the flag solute. According to Titus of the old testament all of these issues where fools errands! Yet if you look hard enough as our politicians preach their message in this years run-up to the Presidency you will not hear anything about God except when it benefits them! I urge everyone to look at each candidates record while they served in public office, look hard at what they voted for or against, and compare that to the Bible, how did they represent our Lord and Savor, how did they protect the rights we fought and died for when creating this great nation in the first place? Ask yourselves if their views on such issues as abortion, gay rights, immigration, helping third world nations, war, the homeless within our own country, veterans benefits, education, ill trained police, racism and racial profiling, economics, and / or protecting our religious beliefs in America today is in line with your beliefs. Ask will they stand up when the time comes to fix these problems and address these social issues which are completely against our God? Will any of them stop their foolish talk, their controversial opinions, cease and subsist the stupid quarrels about the laws they have passed and / or are trying to pass, and admit that these activities are fools errands!

17 “Honor everyone. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the emperor.” ~ 1 Peter 2:17

Think for a moment on how controversial this was when Peter said it. “Honor the emperor.” Honor a man who forced many christians underground and who killed thousands of christians and for a few well-known ones were made into martyrs through this gruesome process?  For them to stand up for the issue of the day was also in line with defending God, preaching the gospel as Jesus instructed them and us to do. For us the idea of “Honor the emperor” is a command to honor our leaders,  pray for them and ask God to give them the wisdom to make decisions that affect us all in a meaningful way. My criticism is strictly based within defending God, defending the Bible, and defending what our founders fathers fought for because again they all where religious men who honored everyone, they loved their brothers and in doing so they all where God-fearing people. That generation that sparked a revolution did so within their righteous indignation and we all could use some of their spunk, focus, and drive. God is the master, the creator, the alpha and omega, He alone protects us and is the source of all wisdom. With that said Peter was also saying in a very indirect way to “Honor your God the Holy Father which resides in Heaven!”  That statement back then as now is controversial; it is an idea that if preached allowed could get some arrested, imprisoned, beaten, and even killed over. But ironically our politicians and presidential hopefuls can spread a line of craps for as far as the eyes can see, some of which becomes policy and which harms millions and no one gets into trouble for it, none of them get arrested, convicted, jailed, beaten, or even killed over it! In fact few of them ever really give too much thought to what they say because ninety-nine percent of it is after all just how the “game of politics” is played. No one has to agree anymore, and in this standoff millions of people lose their jobs and even lose their houses. Few if any of them can really say they have protected Gods Children, protected the country, protected the sanctity of marriage, and protected our economic standing in the world by fighting for these things in the trenches. For many of them who shall remain nameless in this post but I will explore their past in future postings, can not tell the American people that they have any experience in defending God’s people because they are to focused on defending their own self-interest. Now is that someone you want running Gods nation?  To be honest; I thought I would never say this let alone write this, but I agree with Donald Trump on only one of his comments and I am a Democrat. Politicians aren’t going to make our country great again, “Politicians are never going to solve all the problems we have. They’re too deep-seeded.” ~ Donald Trump April 2015, WMD.  Donald Trump also recently stated that, “He argued ‘the greatest social program is a job,’ vowing to be ‘the greatest jobs president that God ever created.’” ~ JUNE 16, 2015, BY , again this statement is one example of  how potential presidential hopefuls use God in their sentences when it benefits them the most, again another promise to get the votes that is coming from a person who does not need a job!”

34 “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” ~ Proverbs 14:34

To define the most harmful sin in America today is that of  gay marriage and most of our politicians though they oppose it in private applaud it in public.  Their sin is to stand by and watch as a sinful act is happening, and those who live the life of a gay person their sin equals that of an abomination against God in the highest order. Sin does not beget good but rather the opposite, sin begets sin until stopped! Therefore, there is no righteousness within homosexuality, there is nothing honorable in this life style that people enter into out of a personal choice. Yet these people would like God’s people to ignore the sin and embrace their culture of continuous sinning while looking away with a blind eye; within that forcing Gods people into sin also. The web of sin demeans humanity which the devil hates with all his unrighteous being and tricks us into hating ourselves, tricking our morality into impure acts against God, and in this humanity has no more respect for itself and thus we being the long decline into tearing ourselves apart. Lies is the devils practice that which brought many great nations into ruin. We only have to look back into history to see the politics of  Egypt, Israel, Greece, Roman, the Soviet Union, Germany, and so many other countries in the ancient past and within the last seventy-five years which all have fallen from some sort of perversion within the hearts and minds of the people, sin that was allowed to flourish unchecked and without question by the leaders whose sole focus was to gain power and popularity. For our own politicians there is a stark reminder of how fragile righteousness is and how it can lift up a people into a super power, and how quick sin can; be it personal or on a national level, bring that nation to ruin. To not stand up and address modern-day sin in our political system, in our religious organizations, and in or modern culture is tantamount to ignoring it for profit, and in the eyes of God there is no greater sin even if that sin is an abomination in the highest order because to some degree it takes national buy in from everyone. When this happens we can see the corrosion on our national and social programs such as education, jobs, and the denigration of our american nuclear families which leads to higher crime and imprisonment of our nations youth. To ignore social issues is a sin simply put and I personally do not see any 1%er defending Gods people from any of these problems by fighting in the trenches with us rather they secretly work against us as they make all the profits then boast that they are richer than snot! I ask you all my brothers and sisters how this is a prerequisite to the presidency?

13 “No servant can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.” ~ Luke 16:13

Politics in America today is about money, our politicians use money from donations and if they are wealthy enough their own money to fund their campaigns. Long dead is the poor man and his aspirations to become President unless he has the right connections, with the wealthiest of Americans, and spouts all the right things that will get him or her elected. This is the political game as fueled by political capital. Ironically everyone loves an underdog, but no one loves a liar, yet capitol hill is filled with them. Long dead is wisdom for there is nothing which has come out of our government lately (past 15 years) that resembles wisdom. I mentioned above how no one has to agree anymore, but yet to not agree constantly is viewed to be strong. I remember the day when disagreeing with purpose was honorable but only if it led to some sort of resolution. But now to disagree to make money is the popular thing, I just want to remind every one of the past Government shut down, the fanaticism of some in the conservative party who pushed this country into a lower credit rating all while keeping their jobs, their pay, their positions, and who are now running for President on a record of moral depravity that stretches all the way to hell and back! Again we cannot elect morally bankrupt leaders no more than you would want a morally bankrupt teacher, priest, social worker, judge, or even a police offer.  To do so is tantamount to looking the other way when there is someone directly in front of you who is in need of your help but because it’s not a popular thing to do you continue to ignore their pleas. There is real repercussions to our votes and to vote without wisdom is unacceptable as each vote needs to held as sacredly as those who fought and died to create this nation. In fact we need to look at this right to vote as a holy duty and we all need to pray very hard in asking God to guide us when we contemplate on who to vote for. No one can serve two masters and if this is your creed then God will be what is in your heart because honestly God is who you honor in all your actions.


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